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About Us

ZTF tuition is based in Ilford, Redbridge providing tuition for all ages up to A-level including GCSE, 11+, 7+, 4+ and private school entry examinations. ZTF Tuition has ten years of experience and an excellent pass rate; last year our students had an 83% pass rate securing a place at their local Grammar and Private schools.

We cover the following for the 11+:

  • Maths, English,Comprehension, CLOZE
  • VBR & NVBR, new CEM style questions
  • Durham University exams
  • We also run courses and mock exams


ZTF Tuition weekly classes are on the following days:

  • Monday 5pm -7pm
  • Wednesday 5pm -7pm
  • Saturday 10am - 12pm

ZTF Tuition teaching strategy for the 11+ examinations is to start intensive training from January (for the September 11+ exam) which will include additional classes during school holidays alongside regular after-school classes.There will be weekly courses in all the school holidays.

All ZTF Tuition students are given homework after each lesson which is marked with help given where neccesary. Students have a spelling sheet for which there is a weekly test.

The reason why we do 3 days is to take the pressure off and give the child the opportunity to understand topics steadily.

An hour is dedicated to each subject topic a week. Two hours is compulsory

  • Monday
    • 1 hour for Maths
    • 1 hour for Non-verbal reasoning
  • Wednesday
    • 1 hour Verbal reasoning
    • 1 hour for intensive grammar jumbled sentences First Aid English antonyms synonyms ect
  • Saturday
    • 1 hour for comprehension
    • 1 hour for close test and more related topics that follow


Sunday speed test /practice test papers lessons do not start till after January on the other hand The 3 lessons are compulsory for the 11+ children To pass this very competitive exam.

ZTF Tuition 1 to 1 private lessons can be arranged upon request.

As ZTF Tuition has noticed over the period of time when parents actually throw all the subjects at the children near the exam time is when children actually struggle to grasp the techniques and methods towards solving the question within the very limited time that is given to them during the actual exam. By breaking it up and giving the child to understand thoroughly has actually worked and give the child a better chance to pass the 11+ Exam.




ZTF Tuition
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