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11+ Courses

‘Achieving Excellence’ on a ZTF Tuition Course

We provide 11+ courses for the Redbridge 11+ Entrance Exam as well as the 11+ Entrance for private schools. The change in 2014 Essex-Redbridge 11 Plus is the entrance exam for Ilford County for Boys and Woodford County for Girls Grammar Schools which consisted of a Verbal Reasoning  & Non Verbal Reasoning Test until 2013. For Redbridge 11 plus selection test School Admission in September 2015, there has been a new arrangment for the exams conducted in September 2014. The examination in September 2014 will use test materials from the University of Durham CEM Centre, which assess pupils’ understanding and application of knowledge and skills taught in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. The Non Verbal and Verbal Papers are accompanied by maths and English. ZTF Tuition 11+ Courses for CEM candidates take account of all the known requirements of the new tests making the ZTF Tuition 11+ Course a very thorough and effective preparation of your child.


Course Objective

The objective of all ZTF Tuition Courses is quite explicit – to offer a first-class quality Course where every effort is made to address the student’s weaknesses, to maximise his/her examination performance and to extend each student to his/her fullest potential so the child has the best possible chance of success in the 11+. Everyone who works at ZTF Tuition is striving for excellence and every possible effort is made to achieve it.

Course syllabus, lesson plans and materials written to meet the needs of local 11+ students. All our 11+ courses are designed specifically to prepare the child for the 11+ tests for Redbridge CEM and Private 11+ entrance exams. Accordingly, ZTF Tuition courses in Redbridge focus on preparing students for Redbridge CEM 11+ tests. ZTF Tuition continue to provide dedicated verbal reasoning and maths courses for students preparing for the local 11+ verbal reasoning and maths tests for Private School entrance.


Mock Exams

We hold mock exams in February, April and June to give students familiarization of actual exam conditions. Dates will be notified to parents nearer the time..



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