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Hi Ruckshi,

Thank you to ZTF Tuition for tutoring, guiding helping and supporting my son through his 11plus.

He enjoyed the sessions as they are fun as well as challenging. He did very well in the exams and passed with flying colours.

Thank you again ZTF .

Sonal Patel

Ruckshi has been working with our dear son over the last 18months. Our son had been attending a popular tuition centre. After one meeting with Ruckshi, I was convinced I had met the right person to help our son achieve his potential. I was impressed with her passion, believe and love for the kids and family she was supporting. I am happy to say during this period our son has developed immensely, he has developed a great work ethic and greater capacity for studying.
He will be attending Ilford County High School.

Thank you so much Ruckshi

Ade Ojosipe

ZTF tuition is a high quality 11+ tuition centre. The staff are very supportive , friendly and highly experienced. Your child will get the support and preparation required to pass the 11+ test. My child has attended and has passed with a remarkable score. If you are looking for a tuition centre for 11+, I would highly recommend ZTF tuition without any hesitation.

Afia Ahmed

My first daughter made it into South Woodford Grammar school and we are very grateful for the support and teaching given by ZTF and the result reflected this. Our second daughter has shown huge improvements at school since starting her tuitions for 11plus with ZTF. My husband and I are certain that its down to the professionalism of ZTF's tutoring, and we thank you and your team very very much. I would not hesitate to recommend you.



I must say that I have seen a lot of improvement in my kids education and their attitude towards their education. Most importantly I feel safe to send my kids to Ruckshi's tuition centre. She has provided a safe environment for kids which is really important for parents.

Secondly, Miss Ruckshi has planned all the lessons and assessments for the 11+ according to the childs needs and her one to one support is vital for my kids.

I wish and pray a great success to Miss Ruckshi for her Tuition centre.


A happy Mother

UM -e- Hiba

Ruckshi is a wonderfully experienced, insightful and patient tutor. My son has has prepared for his 11+ entrance exams with her and his confidence has rocketed and his performance in school has hugely improved as well.With her encouragement The test  no longer frightened  him and I would recommend Ruckshi without hesitation to inspire any person who is fearful and not performing to their ability.

Hareem Ellahi

Thank you Ruckshi!
Rayyan has done very well at school after going to ZTF. After passing the exam and gaining entry into several grammar schools, she no longer struggles with homework and has improved greatly in English and Maths. She is also a lot more confident in class and takes an active part in answering questions.Thank you very much for all your cooperation and hard work.

Aliya Shoaib

ZTF tuition was a wonderful studying experience for my daughter. It didn't just help her with 11+ but also helped boost her up in school as well. The snacks,drinks and holiday parties were enjoyable for her as she had lots of fun. At her school they do a advocate role and because of the tuitions help she became an advocate. It is nice how there is more than one teacher available to help out the children. It was a pleasure having Ruckshi teach her and helping and boosting her with the knowledge she is now filled with.




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