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It is crucial that the students are confident at their Maths, English and Science at the GCSE Stage. Those of many talented children whose fundamental problems unresolved find GCSE a difficult hurdle. At ZTF Tuition, the individualised teaching resolve children’s uncertainties in their subject area while providing intense revision to prepare them for GCSE.

Our GCSE Science programme encourages students to understand the theoretical concepts and be able to apply their knowledge. Our programme provides subject guidance on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students have the opportunity to take single, double or triple science tuition. 

Maths: New Specification overview (Edexcel exam board)

  • Numbers (15%)
  • Ratio, Proportion, Raes of Change (20%)
  • Algebra (30%)
  • Statistics and Probability (15%)
  • Geometry and Measures (20%)
  • These include new added topics:
    • Expand products of more than 2 binomials (i.e. multiple bracket functions)
    • Inverse and composite functions
    • Deducing turning points by completing the square
    • Calculating areas or gradients of graphs
    • Sequences and series of numbers
    • Calculating nth term of quadratic sequences
    • Calculation conditional probabilities using Venn diagrams

English: New Specification overview (OCR exam board)

  • English Literature
    • One drama text & one 19th century text; essay (80 marks, 2 hours, 50%)
    • One poetry theme & Shakespeare play; essay (80 marks, 2 hours, 50%)
  • English Language
    • Reading and writing non-fiction (80 marks, 2 hours, 50%)
    • Reading 20th / 21st century literary prose, one creative writing piece (80 marks, 2 hours, 50%)
    • Spoken language, listening and speaking skills (assesed seperately)


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